Winner: Liz Sophia, Hodges-Mace

Nominated in the category:

B2B and B2C Marketing Management & Sales Management

About this winner:

Liz Sophia, Senior VP of Marketing for Hodges-Mace, epitomizes what it means to be a successful Revenue Marketer. Her mission upon joining the employee benefits admin company in September 2015 was to create a marketing organization from scratch and drive revenue. In the last year she has successfully built a rockstar Revenue Marketing team that to date has produced over 40 opportunities in the sales pipeline, which are 75% or greater to close.

Liz has earned the support of her executive team including CFO Ron Shah, because she is because she is able to track and measure marketing’s success. In fact, Liz and Ron have spoken at numerous events about their BFF relationship, which is based on speaking the same language: revenue accountability. Liz has also gained the trust of her company’s SVP of Sales, Mike Ehrle, who was once a marketing skeptic. Today Mike sees the value of marketing and is actively participating in strategic thought leadership initiatives including content creation to position Hodges-Mace as an industry thought leader.

A savvy digital marketer, Liz was voted one of the Top 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management for the last three years. She is an expert in lead generation strategy, sales-marketing alignment, content marketing, revenue performance management, and marketing automation. Her background includes agency and client-side experience primarily in the technology sector. Before Hodges-Mace, Liz was CMO for North Plains Systems and held senior leadership roles at Sage and PGi. Liz is a frequent speaker at industry events including MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta, REVTalks and HubSpot. She has been featured on SLMA Radio and in publications such as 60SecondMarketer, DemandGenReport, and Perspectives.

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Nominated by:

Elizabeth S. Fairleigh


  1. I have had the pleasure to work with her when she was with PGI. Liz is such a wonderful leader, and believes it takes a village to have a successful Team!

    Good Luck Liz!

  2. Liz. You are the whole package! Good luck. Fingers crossed!

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